This mornings practice was a blissful reminder of why I practice yoga AND why I practice yoga outdoors.

Do you ever wake up and just feel bleugh. No reason just a little overwhelmed physically and emotionally? That was me today.

I wasn’t even considering practicing yoga as I sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee however the sun was shining and the birds were singing and I didn’t want to be in the house.

I took my coffee outside to the decking, a space we created during the first Summer of lockdown with scrap wood that we managed to source locally. A simple structure but a beautiful space made with love.

The decking looks North out over fields and trees, usually the first field is full of sheep but the sheep have been moved away to allow the field to grow and then be cut for silage. This has left the edge of the field in front of the decking to be a wilderness of Grasses, Nettles, Sticky Willy, Pink Campion, Borage, Teasel, Wild Poppy and Buttercups alive with Bees, Hoverflies, Butterflies and many more insects.

I finished my coffee and just allowed myself to sit within all of this. After years of practice it has become natural to relax on my yoga mat once I sit on it. Always a safe place. I gently closed my eyes and began to notice.

I noticed what I could hear, the soft thrum and buzz of all the creatures around me, I noticed what I could smell, sweet pollen on the air from all of the plants around me, I noticed what I could feel, the ground beneath me, the texture of my clothes, the warmth of the sun and the cool of the breeze, I noticed what I could taste, remnants of my morning coffee. I opened my eyes and it was as if everything in front of me had intensified, colour, light, shadow. A woodpecker screeched into the tree above me and I watched it do its strange hop and climb up the tree before it flew off again. The swallows arrived as a family, new fledglings fluttering and playing, excited to be out of the nest testing their wings. One lonely cloud floated across the bluest of blue sky.

Sitting still didn’t seem to be an option any more my body wanted to be part of this alive landscape. To connect on a physical and emotional level. I began to move.

A slow playful practice evolved inspired by natures energy around me, with many resting poses and playing with my breath. Bee Breath felt so right in amongst all the buzzies and Sitali Breath was perfect for cooling down as the sun got hotter.

This is the beauty of my practice outdoors, being aware of everything around me, more aware of my physical self, more trusting and more grateful. Following my senses and my heart for what I need, not what I think I should do.

As I lay back for Savasana I sank blissfully into a dreamscape, not quite asleep but not awake. If the woodpecker had not announced his re-arrival in the tree above with an extra loud screech I could of stayed there all day.

This rude awakening made me laugh out loud and as I sat up and opened my eyes I felt so much joy and gratitude to have the time, space and place for my practice. My earlier mood shifted, gone replaced with a softness and contentedness to carry with me through my day. ♡

pink campion, green fields and blue skie ♡

2 responses to “Morning Yoga”

  1. Rocking Specter Avatar

    This is a great post. We can definitely appreciate the restorative powers of nature. When we get the chance, we meditate outside. Just being surrounded by nature allows us to achieve our mindfulness goals. Thank you for sharing, and don’t forget to check out our most recent posts!


    1. allnewyogalife Avatar

      Thank you for your kind comments. I will enjoy reading your newest posts!


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