I have had an idea for a while that I would like to start a womans circle. I didn’t really know what the group would be for or what it would focus on but the notion has continued to come forward regularly. I knew I wanted it to be a support group for women but in what shape or guise that would come in I didn’t know. So at the last New Moon I set the intention that I would have figured it out by the August Full Moon.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the female form since my last blog. The insecurities I held towards my own body for years were thankfully not something I projected onto others. In fact the female form and its function, the beauty of it, the power of it and the creativity of it is breath-taking. So why is it so hard to be a woman. Why are menstration, pregnancy, birth, perimenopause, menopause and all the natural body changes and experiences around those taboo. Why is the female life-cycle something to be whispered about or even condemned by women and men?

When I was at school (about 300yrs ago) we had a whole half an hour class dedicated to puberty, about 3 minutes of this was dedicated to periods. Three minutes in a hushed voice and no discussion after. There was no discussion about what a period was for, why and how it happened that everyone could be different. .As with most things in a woman’s life It was a one size fits all scenario left that class with the idea that I would have a lifetime of blood and pain.

I know since then the school curriculum has come a long way but even speaking with my beautiful daughters there is still a kind of loathing around periods.

And then as a cruel knock on there is the loathing that comes when that changes to perimenopause or menopause because there is a mindset that at least you had value in being fertile! Our wombs get a bad wrap no matter what they do.


What if we changed all of that on its head. What if we saw women as the original creators and our cycles were what gave us the power to create? and regardless of where you are in your period cycle or life cycle what if we saw the womb as a sacred space of creativity? and what if we honoured that space?

That is what I would like my group to be about. A space where we can Honour the Sacred Space of Creativity with gentle movement, yoga nidra, drumming, creativity and stories. A place to talk where the response is deep listening.

A place for all ages and stages in a woman’s life.

And that is as far as I have gotten. Does it sound good? Would you be interested? Well I am spurred on by my intentions this month and this beautiful Aquarius Full Moon so I am setting a date for Sunday 28th August at 7pm -9pm. I realise this is just a fortnight away but sometimes short notice is good.

Then each month on the following dates.

Sunday 25th September

Sunday 23rd October

Sunday 20th November.

Details -It will be a small group 8/10 people max.

Cost – £15 per session

Please get in touch if you are interested as this will be by booking only.

Love and Light ♡

Aquarius Full Moon over the Mediterranean ♡


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