Last night was the second meeting of Honouring the Sacred Space of Creativity-Womens Circle.

There is nothing complicated or outstanding about what we do but the simplicity is what makes it comfortable.

It was a truly lovely experience sharing space and time with others.

We have a cup of tea and take 5 mins each to talk about how we are, how our week has been, how we have been since the last circle.

With the group meetings working with the new moon we set our individual intentions for the next 4 weeks. Last night setting intentions around self confidence and relationship with self.

We meditate, then move. Last night to honour the transition of Summer to Autumn we moved through a sweet Hatha flow to a cooling Yin practice, Yang to Yin.

Our Savasana is a Yoga Nidra different each week focusing on opening to creativity.

Then we close with something creative. Last night we played with clay. It’s never about the finished product it’s about playing, seeing where the mind goes. Enjoying creativity with no expectation.

Then sadly we all have to go home!

Despite all my planning I was nervous about starting this group however it already brings me joy. Seeing women come together with no agenda or pressure just finding time for themselves and a moment or two of self-care.

While my original plans to create a safe space for meditation, movement and creativity have stayed, working with and honouring others within the space has allowed the group to find its own flow. There has been an element of natural digression as we each share space with other humans and adapt to needs in that moment. What it really becomes is a listening space over and above anything else.

Listening to others, listening to oneself, listening to intuition in a safe unjudgemental space can create magic and I look forward to seeing how that magic unfolds as the circle continues ♡


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