walking with the ancestor’s

I know I have mentioned it before but walking in the mist is a magical experience for me. I don’t know if it’s because I watched The Fog at a young age, and it spurred my imagination to the fantastical, but on a foggy day, I find myself travelling through time and worlds.

My walk last Thursday was no exception. Perhaps spurred on by my visit to the Natural History room at Mcmanus Galleries the day before, I saw wolves, bear, and boar wandering through the woods at Inverdovat. With silhouettes of Giant Auroch standing in amongst the trees.

I imagined how the trees would be dense and endless, not victim to deforestation yet.

I felt the energy of the Early Ancestors as they camped cooked and planned, wondering what ceremony they would have to honour the full Wolf Moon that night.

I imagined how different and difficult it would have been for them in the dark of winter, living in their small coarse hand woven huts with fierce and hungry predators at the door.

While I mourn the extinction of our natural predators and their habitat, I am grateful I can slip through the fields and woodland safely no matter what weather.

What has this got to do with Yoga? Yoga gave me permission to be the person I am now, to feel all this, to see all this, to connect with all of this.

I am grateful that yoga has taught me how to stand and breathe and lose myself in my imagination but also stay present ♡


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