Trust – This word keeps popping up for me time and time again. In books, on postcards, on the TV, in conversations, etc, and in my own way of thinking,it is a sign. When something returns time and time again, it is a sign that something needs to change, a sign that I need to pay attention.

Pay attention to what I am trusting and not trusting.

I’m good at seeing the signs, but what I’m not so good at is understanding what they mean. Sometimes, my mind goes into overdrive. With a hundred questions coming at a time.

What do I need to change, where is my path leading, what should I do next, what do I need to trust, how can I trust more?

But more and more I find that by working with cycles, day and night (sun) months (moon) and seasons (earth) I find my answers.

So what is nature telling me?

At the moment, we are still in Winter. We know Spring is coming. There are small signs, but mostly, we are still in the depths of dark nights and cold days. Still a time of rest. But as we rest, we are restored, and in our restoration, we prepare for Spring.

Nature trusts that spring will come. That snowdrops and crocus will push through. That trees will bud and then blossom. That the birds will herald the days getting lighter.

It is all a gentle progression. No great rush.

Nature is the most patient mother. She knows all that energy is brewing. Waiting. It is a rhythm. each taking its turn. A dance between earth moon and sun that changes the seasons.

And this is what I need to trust. That my own life will follow that gentle pattern.

Too often, I have forced things and ended up exhausted and fruitless.

So Rest now. Maybe mull over the seeds and intentions I have sown and patiently wait for the sun and trust that what is meant to be will happen.

Nature does not hurry yet, everything is accomplished ~Lao Tsu

What signs are you seeing?
What can nature guide you with?


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