Karen Caddell Walker is a commited and caring Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Practioner and Reiki Master. While Karen trained for each of these individually it is becoming more and more apparent that they are not separate and are integral to Karen’s work. This website and blog is all about sharing what she has learned through her own journey.

A late starter to yoga Karen’s own practice began in 2015, age 43 at point in her life where she felt emotionally lost and physically incapable. As a loving mum and nana, on the outside Karen’s life looked good, she loved working at the local Cafe and spending time with family and friends but inside she felt empty with no confidence in her self or her future. Anxiety and depression ruled her mind and her body felt weak and almost alien to her as she struggled with constant back pain. Reaching a point of despair it was almost by accident that Karen came across a YouTube yoga class this was where her allnewyogalife began.

The regular practice of Hatha Yoga changed Karen’s life gradually and gently. At the beginning it was hard, not just physically, it tested her confidence and patience but the pro’s outweighed the cons and a regular practice of stretching, breathing and taking time for herself on her yoga mat helped her find space in life, mind and body. Karen’s confidence returned she had more energy and passion. Family and friends noticed and commented on the difference they saw. Within a year it was clear what the power of Yoga could do and this was when teaching yoga became the goal.

For the first time since she could remember Karen felt physically and emotionally healthy and wanted to share what Yoga could do by teaching it to others. More importantly she wanted to share that yoga was for every ‘body’. It didn’t matter what shape or size or age you were, that it wasn’t about achieving the poses that made the difference but actually about how you are in your own body. That every ‘body’ could do yoga that every ‘body’ was amazing. So it was important Karen found a teacher that could help her understand more on the physicality and anatomy of the human body. Thankfully Karen found Dhugal Meachem Black Mat Yogi who provided an amazing Teacher Training based on Variable anatomy.

We call this Variable Anatomy understanding. This is a detailed study of bone shape variation. We are all anatomically different shapes; therefore to teach yoga, we must appreciate and be able to teach with this understanding

Dhugal Meachen Black Mat Yogi

In September 2018 Karen completed her 200hr Hatha Training and was so inspired by the anatomy awareness that was integral to her training she acquired her 200 hr Yin Training and a further 50 hrs Yin Yoga with Myofacial Release (Qiology) all three were with Dhugal Meachem. Along side this Karen completed 65hrs Pre and Post Natal yoga plus 25 hrs of Pelvic Floor awareness with Bliss Baby Yoga. All of this training has allowed Karen to develop her own gentle style of teaching focusing on strength and flexibility for all that attend.

At the same time as qualifying Karen set up her business allnewyogalife and started teaching in the local hall and to private clients however the more time she taught indoors, she found her own practice moving outdoors where connection to nature has given Karen’s own practice a deeper dynamic and she invites her clients to experience this.

It seemed like a natural progression for me. I have always been an outdoors person, loving walks and hikes, beach or hill, rain or shine. Being indoors to teach so much meant in order to have my own practice and enjoy time outdoors I had to combine the two. So I took myself out into my garden and then out into the wild. My practice has deepened so much since connecting to nature and the elements.

Karen Caddell Walker

And while Karen will continue with some indoor classes when she can, it is her hope that 2023 will allow her to bring regular outdoor classes within the beautiful landscapes of North East Fife. She would love you to join her and if your worried about the weather just remember that wonderful Billy Connolly quote !

I hate all those weathermen, too, who tell you that rain is bad weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little.

Billy Connolly

Running parallel to her yoga training Karen also started working towards becoming a Creative Shamanic Practitioner. This was something she felt called to do as she worked more closely with nature. The benefits from being in nature, connecting to nature and the elements began to become clearer. After 3 yrs of training with Carol Day of The Creative Earth Ensemble, Karen qualified as a Visionary Shamanism Practitioner. More recently she completed Visionary Courses and Leadership a kind of teacher training to allow her to deepen her practice and connection to the land she loves, respects, lives on and practices on.

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